The San Pedro Chuanimajuyu Volcano Ecological Park is a protected area in charge of the municipality of San Pedro La Laguna, the management according to the law of Protected Areas of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources corresponds to the category type IV, Regional Park, at the same time , the San Pedro volcano is located in a primitive zone within the Multiple Use Reserve of the Atitlán Basin, which has its own regulations.



The Park offers a guided tour, which is carried out by different guides who are in the Ecological Park, who have rotating shifts throughout the week.

Within the park there is a food establishment which is available to tourists throughout the week. At the top of the volcano there is a cabin with its respective toilets which is available to tourists who wish to spend the night in the place.




Within the park you can perform different recreational activities, such as hiking, canopy, observation of fauna and flora, camping, use of the highest swing in Sololá


The entrance has a cost per person, the prices are:

- Foreigners: Q100.00

- Nationals: Q50.00

- Neighbors of the Basin: Q25.00


- Degree of difficulty 3.5

- Normal climbing time 3 hours

- Attractions along the trail:

o Visitor Center, 10 minutes by tuc tuc from the lake

o Viewpoint (1773 masl)

o Swings (2300 masl)

o Sighting of chub turkey. (2850)

o Face of the rilajmam (tree trunk with the face of the great grandfather 2700msnm)

o Summit (3000 masl)